We commit to excellence and sustainability

At Merch by HelloPrint we can produce Merch & Print at scale with partners who share our commitment to quality and sustainability.

A Mech by HelloPrint sweater being produced using the embroidery printing technique

How and where do we produce your Merch?

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Long term partners

We only team up with partners we've trusted for years, all of whom share the same commitment to the things that matter most to us: top-notch quality and making a positive impact on the planet.

Built for decoration

We select products and brands specifically designed for decoration.
With our team of Merch Advisors, we ensure you have support at every step, from initial sketches to the final product in the Box.
Understanding that each product demands an unique decorating approach, we are guided by our motto, 'Merch & Print. Simply arranged, without hassle.' This ensures a smooth and efficient process for all cases.

Sustainability at the core

We only team up with partners that take sustainability as serious as we do, from utilising state-of-the-art equipment and practices, to reduce energy and water consumption, to using non toxic inks and recycled materials, for Merch by HelloPrint as a B-Corp certified company it's our duty to pick the right partners, we are here to change this industry for the better.
Learn more at our sustainability page (here).

Made for tomorrow

Our partners lead by example, seeking certifications such as Fair Wear or ISO Standards. These certifications demonstrate their unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and adherence to industry-leading standards.

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Frequently asked questions

Can the Boxes be further customized beyond the standard options?

Absolutely! Merch by HelloPrint boasts the largest global network of suppliers, enabling us to offer thousands of products in various variations, from different brands, and with different printing techniques. Contact our Merch Advisors, share what you're looking for and we'll get to work.

Can I see what my box looks like when it's finished?

Yes, of course! Whether it’s an individual item, multiple items, or the entire pack, just ask, and we'll send you a picture.

Can a Merch Advisor help me pick the right product?

Of course! This is precisely where the strength of Merch by HelloPrint lies. Our advisors and designers are happy to help you make a selection and can even search beyond our standard range for this. Contact our Merch Advisors to create the perfect merchandise for your company.

Are the products that I am getting low-impact?

In our quest for the most beautiful and best products, we strongly prefer high-quality, low-impact products. Our Inspire Line is completely composed of low-impact products, with traceable origins.

Where are my products being produced?

We produce your merch locally at our suppliers that are located in Europe and North America, depending on the product.

Is there a minimum order quantity for items?

To maintain efficiency and cost-effectiveness in our production, we implement a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for certain items. Please note that some items may require a higher minimum order quantity, especially if they involve more complex production or incur greater production costs.

Does Merch by HelloPrint offer a broader range of products than shown on the website?

We do! With a vast network of suppliers, we can fulfill most requests for items not listed on our site. While it might take a bit more time, we’re committed to catering to your unique needs. We have a wide range of suppliers that will help us to find the product you are looking for!

Can third-party products be included in a box?

Certainly! Feel free to send us any existing Merch, and we'll gladly include it in your new Merch Boxes.

How long does it take for an order to get shipped?

The shipping time depends on the order and destination. Contact our Merch Advisors for a specific delivery time. In a hurry? We can also look at what the options are.

Are the clothing products suitable for both men and women?

Our clothing range is predominantly unisex, designed for everyone. If you need more information or advise, our Merch Advisors are here to guide you.


Frequently asked questions

Can I personalize individual items with custom artwork?

Absolutely! We're all about personal touches. Whether you want custom text or unique artwork, we can make it happen. Share your vision, and we’ll personalize your items to perfection.

How long does it usually take to receive a product sample?

Typically, you'll receive product samples from us within 3 to 7 days, depending on the product and destination. And if it is a branded product, it might take 10-14 days.

Can Merch by HelloPrint provide me with a custom sample box?

We can provide you with a sample box containing Merch by HelloPrint branded products, allowing you to experience our quality standards. Additionally, we offer the option to create samples featuring your branding for specific products; however, these customized samples incur an upfront cost. Any charges for the sample will be credited toward an order that exceeds a specified threshold.

What kind of files do I have to use for my artwork?

For razor-sharp logos, vector formats like SVG, EPS, PDF, or AI are best. Don't have one? No problem – send us a PNG or JPG, and we'll convert it into a vector format for you.

What designs are not allowed?

Generally, we craft our products as shown on the website, customizing them with your unique design. If you've got special design needs or creative ideas, just tell us, and we'll tailor everything accordingly.

Can I send my own designs?

Yes! Feel free to get creative as much as you can imagine. Pick your products, and make your design come to life. We are excited to blend your ideas into the final product.

Can Merch by HelloPrint help with my design?

Design help is on deck! Pick your products, share your colors and logo, and watch us bring them to life within 4 hours. Can’t think of anything? Our design team is here to help.

Which PMS design should I pick?

Choosing the right colors for your design can be quite challenging. Especially because a color often looks different on a computer or phone screen than on a printed object. If color consistency is very important, it's best to work with PMS colors. Not sure what PMS colors are or how to find them? Then we're happy to help you further. Together, we'll ensure that your colors come out as beautifully as possible in all your Merch.