Onboarding Merch For New Colleagues

Deliver a memorable onboarding experience for your new colleagues with high quality customizable merch products.

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Thermo Bottles
Matte Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Bottle | 500ml
From €
Recycled Aluminium Hub with HDMI Input
From €
Bags & Backpacks
Laptop Bag 14 inch with Patterned Fleece Lining
From €
Bags & Backpacks
Inspire Casual Backpack canvas
From €
Office Essentials
Standard Notebook A4
From €
Office Essentials
Glossy Ebony Pen
From €
Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
From €
Freestyler Heavy weight T-shirt
From €
Organic Cotton Crew Neck Jumpers
From €
Mini Foldable Umbrella RPET
From €
Recycled Stainless Steel Mug with Handle | 480ml
From €
Mugs & Cups
Ceramic Modern Mug | 300ml
From €

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Success Stories

Great onboarding merch = Great start

Together with WeWow, we created beautiful onboarding box presets for all new team members to help them kickstart their careers in style while wearing the brand both inside and outside the office.

With custom clothing, office supplies, and drinkware, the WeWow onboarding boxes give the right impression to new team members.

Great customer service requires great employees. So to make everyone feel at home, weWow created a cool onboarding pack to kick-start every new carreer.

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Why the right onboarding experience matters

Think about it: your new team members wearing your company merch both inside and outside the office, carrying your brand wherever they go, and at the same time, feeling welcomed from the first impression with the company.

That's the power of a great onboarding experience. You can make it as unique as you want, and the choices are vast—but only with high-quality products.

From personalized sneakers, custom-made apparel, water bottles, laptop sleeves, notebooks, backpacks, to any other unique products you come up with—we've got you covered!

Our commitment to quality goes hand in hand with our focus on sustainability. We believe in delivering high-quality products without harming the planet. That's why we strive for sustainable production methods, use environmentally friendly materials as much as possible, and work with suppliers who share similar values.

We are here to help you deliver these results, assisting every step of the way, from choosing the right products to warehousing your boxes, to automating your onboarding to the max. Merch by HelloPrint offers exactly that: bespoke solutions for every customer.

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